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In 1987, I bought two pairs of loudspeaker. I first bought a pair of JBL 4312B with 12 inches woofer in my 250 square feet quarter. Later I bought my first LS3/5A, namely Rogers, a pseudo 15 ohm LS3/5A. In fact, at the time I did not know the difference between a 11 ohm and a 15 ohm LS3/5A.

I did not like my LS3/5A beginning. JBL sound was different from the LS3/5A. In 1987 a pair of LS3/5A costed me 450 US dollars and the JBL price was only a bit higher than the LS3/5A. However, time passed very fast, I listened to LS3/5A more often.

One question always attacked me. There are different brand names LS3/5A with different manufacturers, which one is the best? The question repeated and repeated again. Then I bought another pair of LS3/5A one by one in order to dig out the difference among them.

When I listened to the music, I changed the LS3/5A pair by pair, listening the same section of music repeatedly and tried to find out the best sound from his LS3/5A. At the beginning, I really enjoyed doing this.

Did I finally get the answer? Which LS3/5A is better? No. One day when my young daughter stayed at my room, she told me to answer the door bell. I heard nothing. I could not hear the door bell as the kitchen door was closed. The door bell sang with a weak sound. I realized that I had poor ears. Then I was free. I understood why I had no answer which LS3/5A is better as I have no golden ears. I cannot point out the difference in sound among his LS3/5A collection.

But the story did not end. I was always asked to answer which LS3/5A sound best from my friends or others from all over the world via email.But no one believes me that I can not point out the difference of two pairs of LS3/5A. To my ears, the LS3/5A sounds the same. I love all my collection.


Vintage Tube amplifiers

I bought my first pair of vintage amplifiers ~ Quad II which was recommended by Tim who knows much on the tubes. I bought them in 2001 from Singapore. One of the fuse boxes was damaged during the shipping.

One day Richard came to see my LS3/5A collection. He was so kind to fix my broken fuse box for me. I was very impressed by the natural sound of Quad II which never came out from my Krell KAV 250P and Krell KAV 250A.

I started to look at the vintage tube amplifiers from the biggest shop in this planet ~ eBay. Subsequently I become another collector, a vintage tube amplifier collector.


I prefer KT66 (especially the VT75) to other two tubes, namely el84 and el34. All of them are matched great with LS3/5A. I enjoyed them very much.

Another reason why I like KT66 is

I am fat and no longer have an EL84 shape body any more : )